Everthing ready for the 3rd Regional Conference of UNI Americas

Hundreds of delegates from all corners of the Americas and the Caribbean started to arrive in Montevideo to debate and decide the strategy of UNI Americas in the next period.
12.12.1 UNI-3rdRC-videoBeating the drum for strong unions in multinational companies, for union growth and for collective bargaining to ensure sustainable development, the unions affiliated to UNI Global Union in the Americas meet in order to share experiences, design their strategy and choose a direction for the period 2012-2016.

The 3rd UNI Americas Regional Conference will be held on the 5th, 6th and 7th of December in the Convention Center of the Municipality of Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. About 400 delegates from 34 countries will attend, along with fraternal delegations from Asia, Europe and Africa, Joe De Bruyn and Philip Jennings, President and Secretary General of UNI, respectively.

The office of President José Mujica has notified of his presence during the development of the Regional Conference, to greet the delegates, present, and address the audience with a few words, while waiting for the participation of national officials and local and regional municipal officials at different times during the event.

The campaigns to obtain union rights in regional and global companies, as well as global framework agreements between companies and unions, whose objective is to ensure that these standards are applied in all countries and that workers can join together to form unions free from fear and intimidation, will be a key point of the Regional Conference.

The growing service economy, globalization in all its forms, information technology, etc., are transforming the labor market, creating a new workforce that must maintain their union organizations or recreate them if necessary. How to increase union growth in this context is one of the main questions to be discussed.

The reduced recovery of the economies in North America, the extended period of growth in the economies in South America, the conflicting situations that can be observed in Central America and the Caribbean, as well as the growing social inequalities raise the debate as to how collective bargaining can ensure sustainable development in the region.

The Regional Conference will honor detained or missing workers in the Americas, marching from the Convention Center facilities to the Memorial in Remembrance of the Detained or Missing in the ´Cerro´ in Montevideo, where there will be a tribute and the “Free from Fear” award to individuals and organizations.

During the Regional Conference various events representing different cultural expressions in the Americas will also take place. Music and, in particular percussion, which accompanies political and union mobilization of many of the areas in the region, will be interspersed between the sessions of debate and resolution. They will join in this form: unions, memory and culture.

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